The Tea Cup Hunt Continues

March 18, 2009


A Comforting Cup of Tea update

‘The teacups are making people smile’; they haven’t been smiling, and that’s what we want, isn’t it?’ – volunteer, Alexandra Relief Centre servicing Marysville, Taggerty, Buxton region

“I just wanted to personally thank you for the beautiful and comforting teacups. They arrived in Flowerdale and were SO needed… Please, please, please thank everyone else for what they did. On behalf of the Flowerdale community, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts” – telephone message from Dianne, co-ordinator of Flowerdale Community Hall Relief Centre.

“My teacup is just like a little piece of heaven. Until I saw it I didn’t realise how much I needed something beautiful of my own again, thank you” – Flowerdale survivor, in conversation with Holly Craig (11).

Over one hundred and forty beautiful teacups and tea mugs have already been placed in the hands of survivors of our state’s recent  (page break in original)

and most savage bushfires. To date they have gone to Flowerdale, Yea (Strath Creek) and Alexandra (Marysville, Buxton, Taggerty), to Broadford (Clonbinane, Reedy Creek), Steele’s Creek, St Andrews and Strathewen. Over the next few weeks the aim is to take two hundred and fifty more out to the stricken areas of Kinglake, Humevale, Wandong, Narbethong, and Toolangi, and to Callignee and Koornalla in Gippsland.

This is an excerpt from information about  Sallyanne Craig’s  ‘ The Tea and Comfort Project’.  Phillippa has listed more information and drop off points on the Handmade Help site.


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