Playing in my Sewing Area

April 9, 2009

After spending a week in South Australia visiting my parents I returned with a new resolve to make my sewing area more comfortable. Anita at Bloomin’Workshop must be thanked for so much of the progress I have made this year in life! The Medallion Quilt Along was the start of it. This quilt has been so much fun and a great vehicle for learning about colour and pattern.  It ‘s great to be able to see the wonderful work that the other Quilt Alongers are doing and it inspired me to learn the skills to do basic Flickr and now very basic blog. I’ve just purchased a very basic tripod because my photography is rubbish, and now I am organizing my sewing areas. Anita, have you thought about becoming a life coach! rimg0331

I have been a migratory nomadic sewer, moving my sewing machine and basket of fabrics and notions to nice comfortable areas of the house. I have had a room for a few months that has had the basics but have not made enough effort to make it homely.

I have reorganized the space in the last couple of days-a bit.


rimg03182My fabric storage I am happy with. It is great for a nomadic sewer. The very light cardboard boxes free from the greengrocer can be carried wherever I wish to play with my pieces. Often I just shuffle them out of the cupboard !


Things to do

  • curtains – there is a light blind but it’s too transparent for night so I never work there at night
  • something for the walls: fabric or prints
  • look for a small comfortable chair and bench for obvious reasons!
  • pin board

Next month I’ll do an update.rimg03552


2 Responses to “Playing in my Sewing Area”

  1. quiltedthrifted Says:

    I am really excited for you. A design wall is nice to have. A comfy chair is a must and nice lighting.
    I keep a couple 3 ring binders with sheet protectors to drop in cut out pages from magazines of color combinations I enjoy and anything sunflower!
    I just noticed how light it is in my younger son’s room early in the morning. I need to put in a darkening blind or even a wool blanket that can be easily put up and taken down.

    • sewplay Says:

      Yes, I have a lot of work to do but a start is good. A floor lamp would be great also. I have taken a photo of the other side of the room-the light was better today- so I’ll post that as another ‘before’ record. Folders are a great idea. I actually have them in another room where my sewing books were until yesterday. Better get cracking.

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