Piece Play Today

April 10, 2009

rimg0348 I started with the idea of making a  free form log- cabin-like baby quilt out of some of these fabrics. I have only small scraps of most of the fabrics but I really am starting to want a quilt for us instead!

I’ve just realised I like this colour scheme keeps reappearing- horses and Amy go without saying. The colours of my favourite quilt so farrimg00751


2 Responses to “Piece Play Today”

  1. quiltedthrifted Says:

    I love your color choices.

    You are a step ahead of me already in the blog world. I haven’t figured out how to put up a header on my blog. Not that I really have looked.

    I spend so much time looking at other folk’s pics! I enjoy it so much. It is great to see your pictures and your posts. It’s addicting!!!!!!

    • sewplay Says:

      Thanks Theresa so much!My first ever comments. I couldn’t stoop to asking friends to leave one-my husband offered to send one from work! I have spent so long fiddling about on the blog and Flickr site but have enjoyed it. It is just starting to be a bit easier, and yes it has cut into sewing time and yes I’m starting to be addicted. On the WordPress main site, (‘Appearance’ on the side bar) there are quite a few free themes you can try out for your blog. Some of them you can create you own header- good for a quilting site I think. Another good one I found is called Tarski .

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