Sewing by machine and by hand

May 10, 2009

Cropped medallionThis week has been quite productive with a little more time for sewing than usual.

The next border of my medallion quilt  is finished and I am just adjusting to it’s look. This quilt has become a bit like a creature with a life of it’s own for me, which has made working with it so much fun.  I  decided early in the quilt’s making that I would not unpick or change anything once the fabric for each border had been chosen,  and that I would be a bit braver than usual when choosing those fabrics .  I am  piecing the quilt by hand but I don’t really look at the quilt until the border is finished and sewn on and the result can be a real surprise.  If only everyone was this easily excited!

I am happy to continue piecing the quilt top by hand but as each border takes longer I will be further and further behind. Anita has done a magnificent ‘job’ creating her quilt to schedule and  with such magnificent instructions. I’ve been tempted for the last couple of borders to speed up my progress by resorting to the machine but one advantages of hand piecing a quilt is the softness of the pieced fabric. The fabric remains fluid and so, so soft. I do iron the piecing after each border to help as I try and photograph my living fabric creature, but about ten minutes after being ironed it springs back to softness.


2 Responses to “Sewing by machine and by hand”

  1. Anita Says:

    Oh my goodness! I didn’t realize that you have been hand-piecing this. Awesome! I know that MichelleinSeattle (on Ravelry) has also been hand-piecing it. You ladies are amazing me!

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