Woodland Quilt with Optional Elephants

May 29, 2009

I think I have just managed to work out how to put ‘links’ in posts. I know it’s ridiculous- I’ve looked through pages of ‘how to do Codex’ and other such stuff and have only just found the HTML tag upper RHS.  I’ll practice a bit.

Anita ‘posted’ about joining ‘The Old Red Barn Co.’ Quiltalong here.  Now I’m cheating.  Anita has put links to the Flickr site, and to the host site.

I laughed when I read Amy’s comment on Anita’s choice of fabric on the Flickr site

Doing the quilt wouldn’t kill me either- it would be great and I may try to machine quilt.  We need a winter bed cover for those special Sunday morning sleep ins, actually usually it is on, not in.  White is not practical, and Cleo will not get near any hand-piecing if I can help it.

Sunday mornings special sleep in

I’ve wanted to make a ‘grown-ups’ version of a Red Riding Hood quilt-a bit of a woodland theme. woodland fabrics + elephantsMost of the fabrics I have are in small quantities, so I’ve purchased some larger quantities of five of the fabrics. The small pieces I have  left of my very favourite fabric, the green Heather Ross designed horses, will be very fussily placed.

Not sure that elephants can sneak into my woodland theme. I’m trying to imagine a woodland near the savannah, with wolves and grandmothers and bears and horses, but something may have to give.


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