A Week of Bits and Pieces

June 8, 2009

This week has been one of bits and pieces. Some quilting and some things which have taken me away from fabric and needles. Such has been my obsession over the last nearly four years, I find I do less and less other things. I rarely shop for clothes unless I’m desperate. I rarely read unless the book wins over very quickly. I will start a page with list of books and films and even activities which have, and could drag me away from cutting up little pieces of fabric. I’ll slowly add to it and would welcome recommendations.
Today, after a bike ride along Melbourne’ beautiful beach road, we went to the ‘footy’ and that was great. Phil’s beloved Collingwood won; it was really fun and I didn’t miss sewing or think about it all day.
This week I’ve made some progress with the ‘Woodland’- now with elephants quilt. All of the pieces are cut it is going together quickly. I haven’t strip pieced the fabrics because I’ve wanted to use as many fabrics as possible and there was only enough for one or two pieces of some of the fabrics.


I was intending to use one of two fabrics as a strong highlight. Either the bright blue fabric with splashes of green, or one of my favourite ‘Liberty’ fabrics, a classic red rose print. Phil didn’t like the blue; it was his birthday yesterday and I’m making the quilt for him (well.. us…shhh..). I tried the red, because I thought it looked quite good with the ‘riding hood’ but eventually decided not to use a strong accent and have a more subtle play of colours and textures.RIMG0334RIMG0333

I really needed the football today because I turned even such a simple, beautiful pattern into a bit of hard work!

Again I will be away for a week visiting my parents.


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