Beach Road and a Farmer’s Quilt

June 13, 2009

Last week I couldn’t find any Google photos  taken from the beautiful cycle route on Beach Road, or even of St Kilda. Today I forgot to take my camera on the bike, but after my ride I took a couple of photos from my start point.  I’ll try and capture a bit more of the fun and drama of this ride in the next few weeks.  Today was a lovely still, cold but sunny winter morning.Looking To the CityBike CafeAfter the ride Cleo usually has a trip to the ‘ dog beach’ and there are plenty of great cycle friendly cafes like ‘Cafe Racer’ in St Kilda.

I’ve just found Anita’s post – cycling routes of the quilting world!

As I’ve been doing the Old Red Barn Co Quilt-along I was reminded of a quilt I made my Dad three years ago. My father has been a farmer for most of his life in the agricultural region in the southern Flinders Ranges.
When Dad had to move into long term hospital care I made him the quilt inspired by aerial views of the land around Booleroo Centre and Melrose.  If you look at them now with Google Earth, the red clay soils, the contours from sewing seeding and the pattern of paddocks  are obvious.  In a month or so hopefully the green will  appear and the blue green of the bush will be more obvious .Farmer's Quilt

The colours are not fashionable but I think it suits my Dad.


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