The English Language!

June 15, 2009

I have been a dentist for quite some time and now realize I haven’t written anything much for twenty years. I am finding writing this little blog a real challenge.  I woke up in the middle of the night last night with the thought that one doesn’t sew grain (see previous post). Who would have thought? Surely you can  and should sew most things. Do you sow crops? What do you call a female pig? This happens after and during every post. It really is quite fantastic. How to sew better things? How to take better photographs? How to actually do a blog  and  format all of the material on the site? Most of all though, the challenge is trying to write, spell, punctuate and communicate. Gradually it is becoming a little bit easier even if there are plenty of mistakes.

I was excited yesterday to find that Lyn has just joined up for the adventure.  Lyn owns ‘Patchwork on Central Park’ and ‘Scarlet Jones’ and is responsible for me, and many, many others starting patchwork and quilting and becoming passionate about it. Lyn’s wonderful sense of style is on show in her shop with a selection of beautiful and very carefully edited fabrics, books and hand crafted treasures. Lyn’s creativity, energy and sense of style is generously shared and I’m sure that the blog will be wonderful way for many more people to be inspired.

Also at the shop, Lyn’s very creative ‘coming and going’ daughters, Narelle and Emma, inspire us with modern music, fashion, and art. Narelle, Emma and Ben, Lyn’s son, have this shop  full of things, colours and shapes to inspire. Any how returning to Patchwork on Central, I am delighted to report that Adrienne and Kate the main teachers there, with Lyn, are able to fuse traditional mastercraftswomanship with genius and good humour!  I mustn’t forget  Effie,  painterly, passionate, prodigiously knowledgeable and productive  and  such a sweet manager. Can you tell I love this shop.


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