‘dancing foxes’ is finished

June 21, 2009

‘dancing foxes’ is finished, originally uploaded by Piece Play.

I love the the binding and backing chosen I by Sallyanne  and Effie while I was away.   The quilting was done so beautifully by Sue of ‘Simply Quilting’.  I think I’ll have a go  with machine quilting next time, but no promises! I finished the binding and label this morning and Sallyanne is delivering it today with yet more teacups.

There are a couple of other photos on Flickr of the backing and quilting and label.

(I have posted the last couple of photos to the blog via Flickr  because the quality and resolution has been so much better than the way I have uploaded directly to the site. I am not sure why. Any ideas?)

An update for Sallyanne’s ‘Comforting Cup of Tea Project’

Following the  ‘Collectors’ programme which featured Sallyanne’s project, the response from people all over Australia has been overwhelming.  Sallyanne has received boxes and boxes of teacups  and is still receiving them. Today while I was visiting her the postie delivered another 6-7 boxes. On one day the Australia Post courier delivered twice with 30 boxes.  It’s wonderful; a bit like good owl mail ( for those of us who love Harry Potter).

Sallyanne’s  goal of 450 sets of cups and saucers has been exceeded and it may be possible for another 300 or so to be delivered to relief centres in the regions affected by the fires.

A big pat on the back to everyone!


2 Responses to “‘dancing foxes’ is finished”

  1. Susan Says:

    I am interested in the dancing fox fabric used in the quilt and wondering where I can purchase the fabric? Can you help me with this? s fox

    • sewplay Says:

      Hope you received my email Susan with a couple of leads to fabric suppliers. The fabric is a Heather Ross design from the ‘rabbits and fast cars’ range. Don’t you love the name of the range?!

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