Red Riding Hood is Finished

July 4, 2009

Originally uploaded by Piece Play

This will be the month for finishing a few things, and having some projects to the stage where I can comfortably put them aside for a while. For anyone that may have checked for progress with my sewing room, I’m sorry to say that there has not been a lot. A family member may be moving in for a while and the room has had a small identity crisis. It may become a shared sewing room/ visual arts students studio which could be fun; or our bedroom may become a bedroom/ sewing studio. The good news is the room is filled with a flurry of fabrics and tops and projects and enthusiasm. I have gotten to the stage where different quilt tops are ‘morphing’ into, or cannibalising each other  as I change fabrics from one quilt top to the other. I’m sure they won’t all look the same?

Some friends have  started to Flickr and I’ll add some links as their sites are up and going. I’m about three weeks ahead of them in this world so offered to ‘help’! Have a look at the beautiful reproduction of the ‘clamshell quilt’ from the V&A Museum that one friend is doing. The quilt is featured in this wonderful  book .


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