Sewing Community, Local Community and Online Community

July 5, 2009

Probably the best way I can contribute to the on-line quilting community is to facilitate talented friends and colleagues to enter ‘cyberspace’. Do have a look at the magnificent quilt here. I am hopeful that this friend can be persuaded to put more photos of her wonderful quilts on Flickr and be a wonderful addition to the online community.
I was very fortunate to grow up in a small country town with very strong community organizations and supports. In the last couple of years I have tried to develop my own community in the city now that we are quite settled. We are lucky enough to live in a small street and for years this street has a Street Christmas Party (with Father Christmas) which really encourages neighbourliness. My late neighbour had really become my best friend and support.
I love to do most of of our shopping in our local shops and wanted to highlight what I think is the most amazing achievement, maybe even a world record. Champions
Our neighbourhood grocers have spent 57 years running their shop and working six days a week. During all of that time Mr T has had three weeks off to have his appendix out, one other week in hospital and NO holidays. They love their shop, doing deliveries and the three trips to the market at three a.m. each week!


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