Cut and Tear

July 29, 2009

Originally uploaded by Piece Play

I couldn’t resist the idea of making something from recycled clothing for this Quilt-along, even though I still haven’t quite finished the things I was sure I would have done by now!
Originally I had planned to do a two fabric quilt with fabric from a couple of old dresses that had been in Mum’s garage for ages. I’ve been persuaded to go along with the recycled shirt theme though, by the inspirations that have been Flickrd.
The quilt will not be big, possibly cot sized, because I only have a few shirts, although have a couple of old white ones could be used to to extend it.
I keep thinking of Le Moyne stars even though I know I’ll want to do them by hand and I really should do ‘fast and furious’. Maybe bigger stars?


3 Responses to “Cut and Tear”

  1. pratima Says:

    Hi Kathy, So nice that I came across your blog.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the process you enjoy most. Your work is very inspiring.
    Have fun with the quilt-along!

  2. sewplay Says:

    Thanks so much Pratima and thank you for sharing your work! As usual I’ll probably be stitching away long after the others finish, but never mind.

    • pratima Says:

      Kathy, I have a lot to catch-up on too as I fell behind because of my travel. Few more borders to go 🙂

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