The shortest haircut ever!

October 13, 2009

The shortest haircut ever!, originally uploaded by Piece Play.

It is always nice to put a face to a blog and this haircut is the shortest I’ve had so it can be archival.
Thankfully I made the blog vow to not  start more projects, earlier this week . I was so tempted by this novelty Christmas fabric today. It just reminded me so much of old Christmas cards and a ‘gentler’ time that I almost broke another of my usual principals which is to only to make useful bedding quilts. Would it be possible to make a nostalgic but not ‘uncool’ decoration with these fabrics (for a cottage)?  I decided not to take the risk, but did take a small piece of the fabric to sew onto card to make some Christmas cards.

Effie has taken the same piece of fabric, has used some other fabrics and will make something lovely. I’m more talk, she’s more action! I’m sure she’ll let me show you when she’s finished.

Christmas play


4 Responses to “The shortest haircut ever!”

  1. amy Says:

    A girl after my own heart with that CUTE short hair! I’m a short hair devotee. Adorable Christmas fabric!

  2. sewplay Says:

    It’s so easy and thank you. In a week it will have settled a little! I do love the bird fabric. It has been printed beautifully with great detail and registration and many subtle and pretty colours. It’s and Alexander Henry Fabric I think.

  3. pratima Says:

    Cute hair cut, Kathy… happy to see you…
    you have a beautiful smile!
    I love that new line by Alexander Henry. I have my eye on a couple of prints in this collection.

    • sewplay Says:

      Thanks Pratima. Fabric is soo addictive isn’t it? Sounds like you have a great approach to fabric purchasing. I’m thinking that for a little while I’ll take a few deep breaths, go, and see if I still love the fabric when I return the next day. Best wishes Kathy

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