November 10, 2009

I have been back from South Oz for 10 days after a productive and relaxing 2 weeks.   There was time to see some very long lost friends, some time for cycling and gardening but much of the time was spent with my parents and ‘going through’ their home. It was lovely to have so much time because it takes a lot of time! It was also great to be able to keep many things; ‘stuff’ with so many memories and little intrinsic value. We are able to keep some of this because our families will have another house in the town where we will all be able to stay whilst visiting.

With me on our return journey was a box and bag of photos and clippings. My own are in a mess and the pile has just doubled.

Anyhoo (my only and favourite blog picked up word- thanks Amy), I’m so quiltingly frustrated.  I  am desperate to finish  and sort things and put them aside or use them or give them.  Lots of things, something, anything sorted and finished! I sorted out my piles of photos and piles of unfinished quilts and set a deadline of yesterday to complete two tops.

Remember this?

It  looks like thisRIMG0202 for the moment (with a lot of other unpicked pieces out of the photo). I was trying  so hard to do  it quickly and not think too much, but when the blocks were all laid out to be sewn together I didn’t like it at all. The almost solids were standing out too much, the brown stripe ‘screamed’ and the black print also seemed too harsh in some combinations.

The whole effect  of the top seemed too random and stripey. I’ll try to have the fabrics in each block blending together better and have blocks with a range of values. I have  thought of having a map like effect in my woodland, with lighter clearing areas and a deep dark heart of the wood. My two piles of blocks-vertical and horizontal have become six. There are light, medium and dark piles on vertical and horizontal!  See what I mean by slow?

Does anyone else want to join a ‘slow-quilt movement’ much like the ‘slow food’ movement but requiring more patience?  ANYHOO, I’ve set myself a new deadline of Friday evening to finish this top!

Late addition to this post. Jacquie’s ‘ Let’s finish off as much as possible this year and encourage each other’ Challenge is fitting in so well with my current need for progress and completion! I’ve joined. Let’s give each other a ‘Yee Hah’.


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