OK. Some Progress.

November 17, 2009

Woodland Quilt top finished, originally uploaded by Piece Play.

Today I took two tops to be quilted and I feel and enormous sense of relief! Two down with about three to go. I must remember how much time and effort it can be to complete a top before I blithely embark on another ‘quick’ (maybe for someone else) project.

I found myself reaching for the ‘quick unpick’ this morning as I intended to move the block 3rd from lower left and swap it with top 2nd from right to even out the darker areas. I changed my mind that area can just be the depths of the ‘woodland’ and a bit darker.

P.S. The quilting pattern I chose is called ‘mushrooms’ -they are pretty stylized thankfully.

These are  the other  fabrics I ended up taking out in the last week ( along with the brown stripe and most of the black and cream riding-hood fabric!).  Most of the  blue-green spotty fabric I turned over  and used the wrong side because it blended better.

I am happier with the gentler less stripey look  of the completed top compared with that of the original scheme.


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