December 10, 2009

I’ve been a bit afraid to check in because I’ve broken the posting routine. Again, today I’m leaving for a few weeks and I would like  to wish anybody dropping by a very happy Christmas and holiday season. My sister and I have been  busy  organizing  Mum’s 80th birthday for the weekend.  I’ll stay  in BC for Christmas and that means I must try to be a bit organized (one shop-closed on weekends and I’m just not used to that). This is what I’ve been doing and haven’t finished yetPants are still to be made out of the little riding hood fabric. I adore it. I do feel like-again the ‘s’ word-a slow Christmas elf.

As for Mum’s urgent quilt, it became less urgent when she was given one. It is gorgeous and from an anonymous donor. How generous! It proved to me that quilts are a gift to the universe.


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  1. pratima Says:

    Hi Kathy, those dresses are adorable, the riding hood pants would be so cute!
    Your rail-fence quilt has come out really great… The border fabric is just perfect for it.
    And the hexagon quilt is very charming!

    Happy Holidays!!! Have a wonderful time on your mom’s 80th Birthday 🙂

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