My New Year Starts Now!

February 7, 2010

Happy New Year. Yes it’s very late but I do wish anybody who may happen to drop by the very best for 2010. In general I love starting  a new year.  I love to start the year  with a bit of  a clean up, a reassessment and the idea of a bit of a fresh start but without the pressure of too many drastic resolutions.

Unfortunately I’ve had a bit of rocky start to the year this year and as any good grandmother would tell you, ‘if you don’t have anything good to say it is best not to say anything at all’- so I haven’t until now.

I struggled to leave my holiday in South Australia, the lovely generous local people and most of all my very frail father in hospital there.  A week after returning home to Melbourne I succumbed to some type of cold or flu and  I have really been just dragging myself around for a couple of weeks with stints of just staying in bed.

Cleo is keeping me company as I continue with the ‘flying geese’ border for my medallion quilt. I’ve done nearly 4 metres of the 6 metres required and the good news is that I’ve speeded up-a lot- all due to  the puchase of   a pair of $20.00 reading glasses from the chemist.  I’ts a bit of a juggle until the optometrist sorts me out, but I can sew again and it makes me happy enough to consider it time for a slightly fresh start.


One Response to “My New Year Starts Now!”

  1. pratima Says:

    Dear Kathy, I missed visiting you here and have been wondering if everything is okay with you. So sorry to hear about your father. Hope he is recovering well.
    I hope you too are feeling well rested and relaxed now, after those weeks of cold. Cleo is such a sweetie pie!
    Wish you a wonderful New year filled with joy and happiness 🙂

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