Une Vraie CATASTROPHE! A tiny consolation

February 16, 2010

I’m a patchworker, I love colour. I love playing with colour. I have some confidence with colour,  BUT I have just had a true disaster with colour.  I’ve had a house painted the wrong colour!

Before with over 50 year old paintAfter

I had been really was worried about choosing colours for painting the woodwork (we need to have a new roof  as soon as we can and would like to keep it green because of the hedge..and we  couldn’t find white ‘Colourbond’ guttering). I had tried samples but how could have I gotten it sooo wrong. That yellowish green tinge wasn’t obvious in the 6 inch sample!

I spent one day in abject misery but  three days later a I’m trying to use my calmer patchwork head- ‘don’t bring out the seam ripper  yet, what colour can be added or what areas can be changed to improve things?’

I haven’t got a solution yet and I think professional help may now called for but patchworking has been soo.. much help because..

1. I know from experience something can always be done even if someone else has to have the idea

2. After my day of abject misery I did this

I had offered to help a customer out by making her a 6.5inch patch.  The patch is to go into an album quilt for an ex work-mate and could be of any design and colour.  The customer chose two scraps of fabric from the scrap bin to go with her 6.5 inch calico square and left the rest to me. A lovely (and fortuitous) little challenge.

The human spirit does not have an economic, or for that matter any other sort of rationalist bent.   I know that now for sure because even though  know the  house is not  completely ruined, I felt so much happier, almost restored after making this little patch which I am very happy with.


3 Responses to “Une Vraie CATASTROPHE! A tiny consolation”

  1. pratima Says:

    We’ve never had any experience with choosing paint colors, it’s always been off-white. so I’m always puzzled about subtle differences in the shades. I’m sorry that the color didn’t show up well in the sample.
    I hope you find a nice solution without having to do the whole thing again.
    I love your fabric choices for the block. The stripes and the neutrals, they all play so well with the focus fabric. Very cute!

    • sewplay Says:

      Oh Pratima, now I know. Thanks for the moral support! It is my first time too really,and I am pretty sure I would never choose anything else again (if I had the courage to try again) except off-white. I should have a tattoo ‘I’m a ‘cool’ white kind of girl’. I only like ‘creams’ in small doses and I do not know what I was thinking! Anyway I’m recovering well from the flu now and the thought of wielding a paintbrush is not so daunting…in just a few more days I’ll be able to bear to look at it again and work on ..something! Best Wishes and thanks again, Kathy

  2. pratima Says:

    So nice to know that you are recovering well, Kathy 🙂
    I guess with outdoor lighting changing all the time, it can be a hit or a miss. I’m sure you’ll find some lovely solution soon. Have a great weekend!

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