lions in flowers

February 26, 2010

lions in flowers, originally uploaded by Piece Play.

I’ve just finished this little quilt and it’s gone.

Like most quilts this little one has had a life of its own and is a lot ‘pinker’ than I had originally planned. I am happy with the colours  ‘tho they are quite different to my usual pallette  (with lots of greys and neutral colours).

I expected to be able to build the top quite quickly like the previously mentioned ‘circus’ quilt which really only took a day. In fact this one took  far longer as I tried to keep the delicate feel of the central panel by building each border one at a time.

Quite compulsively I feel compelled to start the next one taking  lessons from this one!

1. it is unnecessarily complicated and could  have  more long  strips of different value with odd square patches here and there for accents.

2. too messy. Not so many different size patches

3.  keep the strips narrower so there is more quilting and strength.

4. try to bring myself to do some conventional machine quilting over it for the same reason.(scary!)

Now I need to think about what I’m going to wear tonight..

I stumbled upon Kate’s blog and ‘snap’ the same piece of silk to hem which may do with the  favourite vintage silk jacket I’ve been pulling out in times of emergency for 20 years.  It’s  frayed and falling apart but when something is really old I don’t think it really matters. I it’s the patina and the romance that counts.    See if I can get P to take a photo later.


2 Responses to “lions in flowers”

  1. pratima Says:

    Love it! You captured the colors beautifully. It just feels like your piecing grew out of the lion panel. Very breezy and nice!
    I like the yellow backing too. Yellow and white is one of my favorite combinations.
    The silk looks gorgeous. I agree with you, the feel and texture of old things is so beautiful. I have some very old silk saris that I adore 🙂

    • sewplay Says:

      Pratima, old silk saris sound gorgeous. What treasures! It must be hard to wear anything else for special occasions.
      While I was making this quilt I thought of a quote I heard sometime that ‘pink is the navy blue of India’. Maybe this quilt was made using just different neutrals. Thanks again Pratima.

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