Who would have thought….

March 1, 2010

…that a newby could become so interested in ice hockey?

I always love the winter Olympics. The participants seem to love their disciplines in a slightly more exuberant way than the summer Olympic participants. Maybe I’m projecting because I love snow so much.  Oh well, in 4 years I can try to learn a few of the rules.

On Saturday evening I eventually wore this piece of fabric made into a scarf rather than the newer piece. I absolutely love this piece of fabric with the unusual colours; the bright purples with the more muted olives green reds and bronze.

I purchased the piece of fabric from Sanshi , Perth retailer, when they had a stall at a Melbourne fair. I lost some length in the piece (before I folded and neatened it) by cutting it in half in the middle 1/3 and rejoining it so that when worn as a scarf the trees stayed up the right way!

The jacket has always been a  bit big but the silk and lining holds it’s shape that well that I don’t care. Unfortunately I don’t think it will stand one more dryclean.


2 Responses to “Who would have thought….”

  1. pratima Says:

    Winter Olympics were really fun! This is my first time watching them and it felt like they were over so soon.

    The scarf is gorgeous, Kathy. You look adorable!
    The purples are looking stunning against your beautiful grey coat. Upclose, the silk must be even more scrumptious. Sorry that it is seeing last of its days. Hard to part with something that you’ve been in love with so long.
    Thanks for sharing the pic 🙂

    • sewplay Says:

      Thanks Pratima!The jacket is a slightly greener colour than on the photo. The great thing about silk-changing so much in different light.

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