Medallion Flying Geese Border

April 25, 2010

Medallion Flying Geese Border 25.4.10 011, originally uploaded by Piece Play.

Well I’ve just noticed my photo of the last border was added to the group pool 7 months ago so I’ve taken my time!
I have also broken my self imposed rule of not taking out something once it was in the quilt.

I asked Phil what he thought of my corners! Yes I know it’s pathetic. .who would really care.. but I think after taking such an extended period of time with one little border I was obsessing over the detail.
He really didn’t like them and as the quilt will be for him when it is finished (and we are both in our dotage),  it now has green corners. I will try to recycle the pink ones to another border.


4 Responses to “Medallion Flying Geese Border”

  1. pratima Says:

    Oh Kathy, your flying geese border looks fantastic!
    It must’ve taken quite a while to piece this border by hand. But the results are stunning!
    The motif in the corner piece is so charming. I would love to see your quilt up-close and discover all the fun bits hiding in there 🙂

  2. amy Says:

    Your medallion looks wonderful!! The colors are so pretty — the green corners are great, still pretty but more subtle. Fantastic quilt!

    • sewplay Says:

      Oh, thank you Amy. So nice to have the encouragement about those corners! Now I’m heading for the sewing machine for a bit of instant gratification.

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