May 1, 2010

Alice, originally uploaded by Piece Play.

It was drawn to this ‘Alice fabric’ with it’s pretty colours and traditional illustrations and thought the fabric would be good cut into largish pieces. It’s been great to ‘whip it up’ a quick quilt top and  I’m really happy with it’s relaxed  ’50’s farm quilt’ feel (to matches my dresses). I’m not sure who it will be for yet and not sure how it will be quilted.
In the past year I’ve found myself  drawn to novelty fabrics, whimsical patterns and fairytale themes and go looking for children and the young at heart to make my whackiest quilts for.

I have a small but growing collection of these fabrics in a special box including these two.

Until Friday I had been valiantly resisting buying any of the soft Kokka double guaze ‘Alice’ fabric. That was until there was one fat quarter of the last of the four colourways left. My resolve crumbled and I’ve been playing around with this fat quarter over the weekend.

It’s tricky. Effie has made a gorgeous quilt with one of the colourways (I’ll take a snap and post it on her Flickr tomorrow). The fabric is so soft and pretty, the colour is dulled (in a good way) and it’s tricky to find a style and colours that complement it. It really could be a fabric, in my hands, that would have been better not cut up! I didn’t think of that.


One Response to “Alice”

  1. pratima Says:

    Kathy, your Alice quilt is so whimsical and very pretty! I love how you flipped some of the squares side ways. So cute! Sometimes, it is so much fun to unwind with simple patterns and let the fabrics take center stage 🙂
    These other fabrics you picked up are awesome! I would love to see your friend’s quilt when you upload the pics 🙂

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