…and my inspiration was from..

May 3, 2010

Pratima has made the most stunning quilt and very kindly credited one of my quilts for inspiration. I am really so delighted to think that one of my quilts has been part (and probably a very small part because the quilt is soo.. much better than mine)  of the inspiration for Pratima’s border.  It has been lovely that some of Pratima’s friends have been dropping by and I thought it would be fun and only fair to  credit then, a few of the very direct sources of inspiration for this very same quilt.
Lyn has made some of the most beautiful free form log cabin quilts based on a fat 1/4 of fabric in the middle as the centre, and my quilt looks very much like this ‘Baby Birdsong Quilt’ of Effie’s, doesn’t it?  Effie’s inspiration was from Lyn and the wonderful fabrics particularly the lovely central fabric designed beShannon Lamden woops although Shannon’s fabrics are always so gorgeous this lovely piece of fabric was actually designed by the equally wonderful Lara Cameron !

I have also been inspired by many more experienced quilters and their quilts! The medallion quilt I have been slowly working on has taught me so much.  The ‘log cabin’  ‘house tops’ in the Gees Bend books are genius!

My inspiration to do the quilt as a ‘quilt as you go’ project came from Adrienne M.

Not particularly for this little quilt but some of the ‘master craftswomen artisans’ quilters in our local area are so kind and generous with their time knowledge, patterns,  books, advice and generally sharing their quilts (intellectual property).

The quilts that these women  make (in our area at least they are all women), I believe should be as valuable as fine furniture.

For more inspiration from one of these artisans , I have taken some photos of ‘Robbo’s’ gorgeous hexagon quilt. Do have a look.

Many of the beautiful old quilts in the books I love have been made from kits or designed and drawn even by someone else. They are made individual by the workmanship and fabric choices . Sometimes when the fabrics are the same it must be the way they are looked after! In my house that would be a fail.

In a contemporary example in the fine arts here the latest winner of one of Australia’s major fine art prizes Sam Leach assures us, somewhat controversially I might add, that there is a great tradition in the arts of drawing inspiration from the work of others. Some details in this article….

Anyhoo..Effie’s Alice inspiration..

I couldn’t resist the little piece of ‘Alice’ fabric because of this quilt of Effie’s. It was the embroidery and applique! It made me do it! After playing around with mainly my pieces of fabric at home ( for about three days!) I came up with this selection (with the gingham for Alice’s skirt)

I know that my quilt will be very different. Sometimes I won’t even like what I end up with, sometimes it won’t even come close to the charm of it’s main inspiration and sometimes I can add something of my own, take it in a different direction and be happy.

Effie has made up another little kit of fabrics now that we are out of ‘Alice’ with this lovely selection of fabrics I love the selection and I can identify it as pure Effie!


One Response to “…and my inspiration was from..”

  1. pratima Says:

    Kathy, thanks so much for the kind words and for sharing these chock full of inspirational links… the works are amazing… I have to take a more detailed look and soak in all of their wonderfulness.
    The hexagon quilt is spectacular! And Effie’s quilts live in their own whimsical world. Your quilts and Effie’s are like a delicious poetry to me. Thank you so so much for such a wonderful post 🙂
    I’m in love with the pieces you picked for Alice quilt. I’m in for a treat, I’m sure…

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