Odd Hexagon Thursday- or Argentina v South Korea Thursday

June 17, 2010

I love the World Cup. I admit I don’t follow football too much in between the four years but for the big occasions I get on board!

I’ve belatedly fallen completely in love with Lionel Messi and it’s influencing me as I have fun trying to decide on a second team and third team.   It seems a bit difficult to go past Argentina for entertainment with the extraordinary  Messi, Maradona combination, but then again I fall in love with nearly every team I see for different reasons. With Uruguay it started with the way the team and supporters sang their National Anthem. They were magnificent, and their playing was just as enthralling.

Anyway, it’s a great time for hand piecing.Doesn’t seem much for the week, but as usual I’ve spent some time playing around with little pieces of fabric.

I have changed the method I have used for cutting these little pieces. Until now I had rotary cut all the pieces with Marti Mitchell templates. The templates are great, it’s just that my mind has been a bit boggled keeping track of the numbers of pieces I need and have. Fussy cutting pieces is definitely  trickier with the rotary cutter.

I have  made a few hexagons like this when there were 3,4 or 5 pieces left and I couldn’t be fussed looking for my rotary mat and cutter.

I actually changed method when I had no sets of 6x diamonds left.

It is relaxing now. I just have my little board and pencil, but if I were using a smaller number of fabrics I would be back with Marti.

P.S. I’m heading for a bit of tea; one cup to drink after watching 2 matches, one cup for Phil and one cup to dip to these two little  hexies in,  to try to make them look a little less startling.

P.S.2 I’ve put a couple of photos of Effie and Adrienne’s newest tops and quilts. They are magnificent. Have a look!


2 Responses to “Odd Hexagon Thursday- or Argentina v South Korea Thursday”

  1. pratima Says:

    Hi Kathy, I’m drooling over your chirpy stars. The little quirks and fun little odd pieces that you cleverly place are so charming! I can never get enough of them. And I Love your work-in-progress picture. It sure seems to be tricky to keep track of so many pieces.
    Thank you for sharing Effie and Adrienne’s quilts. They are breathtaking! I came across them earlier when I was on flickr. Thanks again!!!
    I am not into sports that much. So, haven’t been following the world cup. Have fun!
    Hope you are feeling better..

  2. Kathy Says:

    Thanks Pratima! Effie’s Star top and Adrienne’s beautiful Star quilt are great aren’t they? I’m soo much better, thankyou. I’ll watch my self imposed fatigue and catch up on a sleep on Sunday. How is your sewing?xxx Kathy

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