Passive Voice & Elephant Kit Challenges

June 28, 2010

I’ve ticked a few more boxes in my grammar check and I realize I’ve lived my whole life in ‘passive voice’! My posts are littered with green lines when it’s time to proof read and I can try for half an hour to make an active sentence.  I do feel like I have a personal tutor though; a very  strict and dispassionate one.

Last week I had  my camera  at work to take a few more photos of Carolyn’s work (with many more to come hopefully).

While I had my camera I took a few photos of the ‘make cot quilt kit with this elephant fabric’ challenge that Effie and I tried for Lyn. Effie chose some lovely fabrics quickly.On Saturday I pulled apart the kits I had made on Friday(hardly efficient use of time-sorry Lyn)- I’m not showing because they were eccentric.  By the end of two days I’d lost perspective!

Saturdays kits


2 Responses to “Passive Voice & Elephant Kit Challenges”

  1. pratima Says:

    funny and cute, Kathy 🙂
    I hardly ever notice it. I enjoy reading your lovely prose in which ever form it is.
    These stacks are delicious! I’m sure the stacks you’ve made on Sat. must’ve been equally delicious only with more unexpected delights and fun surprises…

  2. pratima Says:

    I mean friday…oops!

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