I’ve got the hex on me at the moment

July 23, 2010

I am going to try to work out how to add a button so I can put one of those  cute ‘blogging without obligation’ magpies. It’s been a few weeks and the longer I have stayed out of touch the less relevant I become.

I don’t think it is the  battle with the passive voice monitor keeping me away, nor the slight loss of confidence -I took two more goes with the ‘elephant kit, just too many competing things for attention.

I confess that I have not done any more hexagons.

During the last few weeks I had a birthday. The number of the  birthday is quite close to a more significant number ( OK just before it)  and  it rattled me to the point that all of those  little pieces seem like a waste of time.

I’m going through a ‘big pieces’ phase,  just joining lots of big plain squares quickly to calm myself down. I’m doing a few different things this way (!) and when I’m more advanced I’ll post some photos.

I’m also back on the medallion because for some reason those  little pieces never worry me. I find working on the medallion borders like a meditation and working on the hexagons makes me  a bit anxious if I’m not really in the mood for it. Perhaps  there are just too many colours and pieces and not enough chance to just do the same thing for a while.

We’re also planning an important family birthday at home. It is really is taking a lot of planning and imagination. With the wonders of Facebook over 100 people were invited to lunch before we knew it;  in about 2 seconds.

The main present arrives tomorrow. A little grey kitten.  Priscilla, my 20 year old cat died 6 months ago and I  have found myself counting the days (!-it’s not my birthday and I really am more a ‘dog person’ but any baby precious).  I am away for a week from today  so I have a few more days to count.

At ‘patchwork’ work it has been a visual feast. Lyn has had more than 70 Liberty’s come into the shop. Most of them are from the seasonal range but some of them are beautiful classics.

As well there are some beautiful Les Olivades prints and plains.

I don’t think they are yet on the Patchwork on Central Park website bit in a week or two they are really worth a look.

I always play the game for a week or two ‘which ones (usually about3) are my favourites’.  So far I have resisted even a fat quarter because I’m giving it a week or so just to be sure.

Next week I’ll post the results of the experiment. The first 3  I liked .

After 2 weeks are they the same.

With a photo!

Best wishes!


One Response to “I’ve got the hex on me at the moment”

  1. pratima Says:

    Hi Kathy, please don’t feel obligated to post at a regular pace… we have so many obligations in life already, blogging shouldn’t add one more. Do it only when you feel like it. And Yes! from time to time we do need that instant gratification that big squares give. It can be tedious to churn intricate slow burning projects, especially when you’ve been at them for quite some time. Have fun with the easy blocks ” v ”

    Belated Happy Birthday 🙂
    May the coming year brings with it lots of smiles and great times! Congratulations on the little bundle of joy. Kittens are so so sweet!!

    I’ve been visiting Patchwork on Central park blog lately and I saw those fabrics you’ve mentioned. They are gorgeous! I’ll look forward to your happy picks 🙂
    Take care!

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