bits and pieces

August 4, 2010

I’m back and the kitten is here.

He is just gorgeous. His personality is like that of Mighty Mouse; fearless, curious and kittenishly goofy and ungainly.

He does an amazing crab like run, sideways forwards and backwards with tail in the air and crooked.  His name is  ‘Bear’ which I am only slowly getting used to.And drums have more than one use. The old pillows help only a little bit to dampen the sound but they make a great kitten nest.

When I reviewed my favourite Liberty’s, my three favourites were

I’m not sure how I would use them yet but I love the craziness of these weeping ‘japanese’ trees.

I think I will make a top out of the beautiful cream grey blossom print.

I was initially attracted to these two prints for use in clothing. I still really like the idea of using them in a very simple boxy shirt but they’ve been relegated.Effie and I got ourselves into trouble again today.

When I arrived at work she was selecting fabrics for one of her famous split 9 patch cot quiltsShe inspired me ans usual and we decided to each do a ‘Thumbellina’ top by next week.

Effie will do an appliqued block and I’ll probably do some hand quilting.

I am desperate to do something in a straight forward way. I am not going to ‘improve’ it as I go along. I am not going to complicate it and add other fabrics to make it scrappier and more ‘interesting’. I am going to stick with the programme!

I purchased 8 x20cm pieces of fabric as specified in Effie’s pattern. I washed them tonight, ironed them with (Bear’s help chasing the cord)

and I can’t believe it. I have nine fabrics! Subconsciously I’ve complicated it and now I have to think about what I will do.

Bear will distract me.


One Response to “bits and pieces”

  1. pratima Says:

    awwwwww…. your bear is soooo adorable! He does look like a little bear cub…perfect name!! His paws are so sweet… I wish I could reach over and give him cuddles and kisses 🙂
    Kathy, are you able to resist this sweet temptation and get anything done at all? 😉
    The kitten nest is oh so cute!
    I’m swooning over all these gorgeous fabrics. That weeping Japanese tree is stunning! And the choices you and Effie made for the quilts are wonderful! Can’t wait to see these combinations prettily laid out in the quilts.
    Thumbellina is my current fav’ too. Ordered a piece of it last week. Still waiting for the postman to bring it home.
    Happy Stitching! Thank you for sharing pics of Bear 🙂

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