August 17, 2010

I managed the meagre task of putting the Thumbellina baby quilt top together on the weekend.I think the quilt will come to life when it is quilted.

I do not have a picture of Effie’s top because instead she cut out 150 +(!) hexagon blocks to make a quilt like Adrienne’s.
All of the blocks are marked and laid out neatly in a pretty box  ready to sew. The box looks just as  I imagine the inside of Thumbellina’s walnut would be!

The bit of sewing prompted me to find my favourite book from childhood and re read ‘The Snow Queen’,  ‘ The Little Match Girl’ ‘Thumbellina’ and ‘The Tinder-Box’.  The stories and illustrations are so beautiful.

Bear is growing and keeping us amused. He loves to make ‘attack plays’ at Cleo who is handling the situation beautifully. Every so often it becomes too much for Cleo and she makes a lunging bark to put him back in his place just a little bit.

I must do a ‘David Attenborough’ and try to get some ‘in the wild’ shots.  Cuteness is easy.


One Response to “Thumbellina”

  1. pratima Says:

    Hi Kathy, Love your Thumbellina quilt. The stripes are really lovely with the rest of the prints. It is wonderful that you still have your childhood story book so carefully preserved. How nice to be lost in those pages and revisit your childhood days. Bear is sooo cute and cuddly. I wish I could reach him from here 🙂

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