now about that cake

November 25, 2010

hello friends.

Sorry it’s been so long. My last post was rushed .

It’s not a GREAT idea to start a post 25 minutes before the cab arrives for leaving on holiday.

Phil and I had a wonderful holiday for 31/2 weeks. A week of galleries and museums followed by 2 1/2 weeks of country living, walking and fossicking and a day of shopping just at the end.

The crazily wonderful thing about this holiday is that now, over a month after our return, that post holiday feeling is still hanging in there.

You know the feeling where there is just a bit more space and time in the air. Things seem a bit clearer and brighter and I’ve not been tempted yet into too much inefficient rushing.

I’m holding on to the feeling as fast as  can.  I’ve done the spring clean and have taken breaks from many things including blogging. I have been so chicken  I haven’t even opened my site but I caught up with some  blog reading in the last 2 weeks.

Time to say a big hello again and happy Thanksgiving if you are celebrating.

Now the cake. Kim’s blurb mentioned that it was a very big cake and suitable for bigger celebrations and it was.

Chocolate Meringue Explosion Cake


2 cups of egg whites (about 12 medium eggs)

5 cups of sugar

Pinch of salt

1 tablespoon cocoa


1.5 litres of thickened cream (I didn’t use this much)

Castor sugar

Half cup of cocoa

1 cup hazelnuts –toasted and chopped

1 cup chocolate buttons

250 g dark chocolate


  • Beat the egg whites, sugar and salt in an electric mixer at high speed until stiff.
  • Gently fold in the cocoa.

Line oven trays with baking paper and spread out the mixture to make three 25cm rounds, each 2-3cm high.

  • Bake in a slow (90 C) oven overnight (yes – overnight – for 10-12 hours).
  • Remove and cool.


  • Beat the cream and sweeten to taste.
  • Add the cocoa, hazelnuts and chocolate buttons.
  • Set aside about a quarter of the mixture and use the rest to sandwich together two of the meringue rounds.
  • Roughly chop the remaining meringue round into 2cm pieces.
  • Use the remaining cream to generously coat the top and sides of the meringue sandwich. Gently arrange the meringue pieces in the cream.
  • Dribble the top with melted dark chocolate

It is easier than it sounds.

This was all copied word for word from Kim and it was easier than it sounds.  It was also great hit with 21 year olds.

I hadn’t seen a cake like this  one before and I do think I had a bit of a failure of imagination. If I had my time again I would try to cut the 3rd meringue into shards, following the shard model of  the original Federation Square plan. I couldn’t find a picture but the London Shard would be a great model.Now for quilting updates.

Mum’s ‘top’ Version 3 is finally done.
I was very fortunate to find a border fabric remnant from some old stock that had just come into Patchwork on Tuesday. There was even exactly the right amount. Phew.

I’ll take a few shots of the blocks and post them on Flickr tomorrow.


2 Responses to “now about that cake”

  1. pratima Says:

    Hiii Kathy! Welcome back 🙂
    It’s wonderful that you had a nice long break and enjoyed yourselves thoroughly. It’s been a busy year for you. Missed you so much and I can’t tell you how happy I felt to see a new post popping in my reader.
    Thank you for the cake recipe! Chocolate and Hazelnut is a winning combination!
    I’m loving different versions of this quilt you are doing with that rose fabric. What a relief that the border fabric came to the shop just in time!

    • Kathy Says:

      Thanks so much Pratima. Great to hear your voice! I kind of think of my blog as a cross between a little on-line diary/visual diary/motivational tool, and a letter to you! Cyber hugs, Kathy

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