Heavenly Summer in a Different Time

January 6, 2011

After a couple of weeks of illness now  my summer is great. I feel like  I am back in the summers of high school days. Long hot days with an apricot tree full of fruit, a local swimming pool 10 minutes away and surrounded by things from Mum and Grandparents.

I’m using the tea-towels mum kept in her top drawer for 50 years like this Country Women’s Association treasure. Any one for ‘drama, tree planting and housekeeping’? Well actually I am doing a bit of that. I’ll put a photo of it on Flickr in its full glory.

For the first time I’m the one stewing fruit, making jam and taking buckets of apricots to neighbours. I haven’t been game to take out the ancient Fowlers Vacola preserving kit because I’m a chicken.

I have managed to get Mum’s 51-year-old ( I found the original hand-written receipt) Elnamatic purring like a kitten. I adore this machine and  really think it is the best machine I’ve ever used. I didn’t have time to sew the binding on Mum’s quilt  with my machine and it’s walking foot before our trip over here.  I found that the feed dogs on this very old machine functions really as a walking foot. In every way  the machine is just as good and in many ways better than my trusty and much-loved 30-year-old Bernina. I am very happy with the black binding on Mum’s quilt. Effie, Sallyanne (our binding guru ) and I were in unanimous agreement with this one. There was enough red pink and green.

2010 was a year of reorganization for me. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to do casual work in three different accommodating jobs during the last 3 years, and to have a very supportive husband.  I have been able to take lots of trips  over here to take care of a few things for my parents and do a big pack and reorganize here and at home and now the reorganizing is  finished and Mum is settled. The ever challenging task of trying to find the balance between work, health, sewing,  family  continues but it really will be much easier.

My two resolutions are to spend a bit less time reading newspapers and drinking coffee. I’d hate to tell you how much time I spend on them at the moment.

In the last half of last year I taught some beginners machine quilting classes at Lyn’s shop. It was so enjoyable and it has actually had the effect of taking me to the machine more and enjoying it more. I still like to hand piece but I think the plan will be to have one hand project on the go at any one time and wizz around and do as much as possible by machine. Maybe lots of smaller cot quilts to satisfy the wish to plan and start new things.

In the last few days I finished the top of this pin wheel cot  quilt  by machine. I had started the quilt ages ago by hand and ran into a few problems of my making ( I just guessed the seam allowances which I had done before  with no problems but this time I guessed them all wrong). Anyway with time to spare I sat at the machine and couldn’t believe how quickly it all came together.

After this photo was taken I added a 3 inch plain  blue border with all the  blue fabric I had left.

There is enough orange fabric left for a binding and it would be nice to find a similar blue for the back if I can.

Then the little quilt just seems to be asking for some hand quilting especially  in the 12 ” plain squares.  I will wait until the right little boy comes along before I decide about that.

For this week

  • Finally sew the next border on to the medallion quilt
  • I have pin wheel fever and will do as many as possible (20 left to do) for this quilt
  • Whenever the temperature drops below 3o degrees C  to continue with the Richmond Footy Club beanie which has been promised for over a year. It did take a long time to find the right yellow, and it is not a pretty sight but  it’s nearly done so wait for the big reveal.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Best wishes in achieving the balance and joy  in your lives.

Cheers Kathy


One Response to “Heavenly Summer in a Different Time”

  1. pratima Says:

    How wonderful to be sorrounded by treasures from your mom and grandmother. Nice to hear that your mum is comfortably settled and that you are feeling better after bouts of cold in the recent past.
    I love the simplicity of your pinwheel quilt, Kathy! whoever gets to cuddle in it is a lucky boy 😀
    Wish you good luck with your New Year resolutions and enjoy your time with dear Elna!

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