what’s on today?

January 10, 2011

Phil and I had a quick trip to Jamestown and I was able to visit Charlenes, the lovely local quilt shop.

It was easy to find  a few  lovely fabrics to add to my collection.

These souvenirs for my collection were among the very oldest stock available apparently, and are in no way representative  the  large range of stock available.

The very next day I was on to this

These pieces are for the quilt my sister and I started. It was her first fabric choosing effort and I found she was very attracted to a bright vibrant, scrappy  style!

We’d had both stalled with the  collaborative effort so I decided to slightly change the way I was working and took out (from my potential scrap stash) the stripes,  the blues and bluey reds, the plains and the pieces with a lot of white and have very happily used all the other pieces I have here.

I have about 23 blocks in Melbourne  10 in Adelaide and now 16 here so we’ll put them together and I’m sure it will still be vibrant colourful and scrappy.


2 Responses to “what’s on today?”

  1. pratima Says:

    I was quite surprised to see those saturated colors in the blocks… but now I know whom they belong to 😉
    Glad you could gather some bright colors to make more blocks to go with them. And great finds at the patchwork store. Your choices are always so subtle and sweet!

    • Kathy Says:

      My sister and I have such different taste when it comes to colour saturation. She dresses like a bird of paradise and me like and owl whering accessories! The funny thing is that we often quite independently purchase exactly the same clothes and household things just with different clolours. I think it my be due to our colouring and the colours we are used to wearing . Thanks again for commenting and following Pratima!

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