January 13, 2011

I noticed in the last post that I called those brightly coloured fabrics ‘scraps’.  It’s true that I don’t really love them and I’m happy to use them. I cut them up with no problem.  I can sew them up quickly and don’t care too much if  I make a little mistakes. They are expendable.

Most of my fabrics are not scraps in the sense that I want to use them up! If the pieces are very tiny and precious I might use the ‘s’ word..  A project has must be  ‘good enough’ for  precious  fabrics to be used.

In fact these fabrics are my ‘collection’.

I am working on explaining this to Phil!

At the end of each post I’ll post  a photos of some of my favourite fabrics.

This year some good friends that know my  tastes very well have given me some lovely treasures

Carolyn and Adrienne (‘Patchwork’ co-workers)  managed to make visits to the V&A Quilt exhibition and gave me the two lovely wrapped pieces of fabric. I don’t think I’ll even be able to unwrap them for a little while.

Effie gave me the two beautiful lovely pieces at the bottom of the photo. These were ordered from the V&A and I adore them!

Not quite fabric treasures from Christmas

Effie organized for her mum to crochet edges around  different pieces of  her friends favourite Liberty  print fabrics to make handkerchiefs for Christmas (in return Effie cut out for her mum all the pieces for a quilt).  Such a lovely idea.  Apparently it took Effie’s mum a little over an hour to do all the edging for each one!

This year Effie’s mum also hand quilted  this vintage quilt top in the ditch for her. What  treasures?;  the quilt and Effie’s mum. I must take an ‘after’ photo (of the quilt, not an amazing  Mum!).

Effie also found this absolutely fantastic tin (She knows me well: as she said ‘ not too many flowers’) to replace my slightly battered ‘take with me hand-sewing things’ box.

I am developing a three -part fabric  stash.

  • The ‘collection’, to play with , look at and stroke and use carefully in small pieces
  • Other pieces of fabric that I love that are not  so precious ( I  will  probably be able to replace them)-  basic beautiful fabrics like the Kei spots, solids in beautiful colours
  • Those fabrics I’m happy to use (don’t love but probably quite like)

I am absolutely certain though, that it is not at all difficult to make a very beautiful quilt that you can treasure and love out of very basic fabrics, left overs, opportunity shop second-hand clothes.

I just try to at least ‘ like ‘ most of the fabrics before I start, and judge each little piece of fabric on its merits without prejudice. Most of my fabrics are in the first two categories now  which is why there is always the temptation to buy for new projects!

Is there any one else out there that occasionally gets a bit ‘queasy’ when they see a piece of fabric?  I try not to use those.


2 Responses to “treasures”

  1. pratima Says:

    I read somewhere that we should think of our fabrics as crayons… we wouldn’t want to totally run out of a particular colour in our crayon collection and the same applies to our stash too 😉
    You have an eye for unusual beauties, Kathy… I love every single piece you choose to work with. It’s going to be a treat to see some of those gems. Thank you for sharing. Btw, your friends choices couldn’t have been more perfect! They are gorgeous!!

  2. pratima Says:

    Oh, i forgot to mention, the Liberty handkerchief with the delicate thread work is so beautiful! Cute tin for your hand-stitching projects 🙂

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