some progress

February 13, 2011

16 blocks finished but I do like a big quilt I’ve decided so I’ll make some more. It will probably have to be 5 blocks by six so that’s another ..14..gulp.

It is very traditional, perhaps old-fashioned but I am really happy with it so far particularly the really simple blocks

From one extreme to another.

This top is now difficult to hang, to photograph and to gauge the overall effect.

This border really wasn’t my finest I don’t think. I wanted some definition with the pieces but for all the work involved I should have had a bit more. The places where I used  fabrics other than the main block fabrics I think are better. Oh well it’s no big deal.

Last year I was fortunate to visit London for a few days. I was too late for the V&A Quilt exhibition (it was still great but no quilts at all by the time I got there).  I did manage to visit a wonderful shop in Hampstead run by Christopher who has collected quilts for 30 years. Christopher has sent me photos of some of his wonderful quilts, mostly very old and beautiful chintz quilts and is happy for me to share them on my Flickr .

Also I’ll post a couple of photos of Adrienne’s latest masterpiece here in the next few minutes.


One Response to “some progress”

  1. pratima Says:

    Kathy, it is very pretty and the subtle blue prints are so soothing. I like your idea of making it into a bigger quilt. I’m loving that fabric with big blue flowers on stripes.
    You made a good progress on the Medallion… all that hand-piecing means tons of patience… that’s amazing!
    I like your last border too. The use of teal echoes the color from its predecessor without being too exact. The mossy greens and greys are all so gorgeous.
    Thank you for the links to your flickr uploads. Those Vintage quilts sound pretty amazing!

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