sampler temptation

March 6, 2011

Anita of Blooming Workshop has designed what I think is a genius Sampler.  Do have look at it a here. I really don’t think you could go wrong with the design because so many of the features of the design work to unify the look of the completed quilt. …so  much temptation and I would have succumbed already but I had just started another new  Sampler project.

I have been reading about some of the history of the American Civil War and in particular the history of textiles of the time on Barbara Brackman’s  ‘Civil War Quilts’ blog.  The  blocks appearing on the  Flickr site are all so interesting and beautiful and different and intriguing that  I belatedly started to play along.  It didn’t take much to tempt a partner in crime Ms ‘speedy pieces’ to start  it as well. True to form, Ms speedy has done about 6 blocks in 4 days. I started  few days earlier so I had a head start.

I really like  the fabrics designed by Denyse Schmidt and love the way they work in quilts. …so I was looking for a …little project  to use some of the Greenfield Hill range.

(A shirt out of ANY of the voiles this would be gorgeous wouldn’t it ( think the green floral)? I’ve become so quilt obsessed, however, I hardly care what I wear.

I found myself googling to find out if Greenfield Hill was an actual place?

Yes, an historic district near Fairfield Connecticut.

What part if any the district would have played in The Civil War?

Apparently ‘ The New England state of Connecticut played a relatively small, but important role in the American Civil War, providing arms, equipment, money, supplies, …’ Wikipedia

The hospital in Greenfield Hills looked after soldiers  afflicted with smallpox during that war.

My recent history education is quilt and textile driven. I’ve learned  bits and pieces about the history of the Amish, the Mennonites , the life in the southern cotton plantations, the westward migration and life in America, England and Australia, particularly for women in the 1800’s.  Northern England, Wales and Provence, India and Africa  have also featured-anywhere with quilts and textiles- so it’s not just about the sewing is it?

Then there is colour and cameras, computers and programs!

“I’d just use Adobe Illustrator..” a family member innocently replied 2 weeks ago in response to the question “how would you put a picture of a block in a Word document (for hand outs)?”  And I innocently embarked on the slowest learning curve ever.  (PS  happy to share any of the block measurements from the sampler quilt with diagrams)

It really is fun doing a ‘sew along’ with so many quilt driven benefits. The applique block  is really slowing me down but I was able to draw it out really quickly,  if you don’t count the 2 weeks it took to get to this stage!

I’ll put my blocks so far on Flickr.

Thanks for dropping in.



2 Responses to “sampler temptation”

  1. precisnu Says:

    I just found you, through flickr. I love your blocks – funky, refreshing and classic. I am looking forward to reading your blog:) Una in Norway

  2. precisnu Says:

    … who can also be found here: 🙂 U

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