May 8, 2011

My mum as been very ill and in hospital for the last 8 weeks…and again I just stopped blogging.

My sister in Adelaide has been wonderful doing so much visiting and work talking to doctors and such. I  been travelling and trying to help.

As usual the needle is my friend and comfort as we sit bedside.

It is just great to be ‘told’ what to do and not have to think so the  Civil War Blocks have been a godsend!

Also I have done some real ‘sew play. Dustin Cecil has organized the collaborative add-a-border block swap group where we add to foundation blocks started by other people. I really love this type of challenge, being given a fabric; a shape; a block (civil war) and working on it.

The original 6 inch Friendship Star was by Dawn Derrick

The second starter block was by Dustin Cecil

I have not been keeping up very well with bloggy things but have been inspired Pratima’s  Trip Around the World quilt  is just the most gorgeous quilt I’ve seen for ages!

Finally I’m on to the last border of my epically slow Medallion quilt.  I’ve used greens in the 2nd last border and I’ll try to take a full photo when I finish the last border .

Modern Relief -once the deadlines were halted, I’m embarrassed to admit, so did I.  I’ll keep moving slowly, as I usually do without a true deadline and I’ll give it somehow.

This little thing looks little more than a concept plan, but believe it or not I have spent some time drafting and rethinking my plans for the featured remnant of fabric.

I purchased the last 60 cm of this beautiful piece of fabric by Megumi Sakakibara

Yes, that’s right-just little nine patches of random fabrics is what I came up with!

Tomorrow I finally give away the 2 year Beanie. Hopefully I can get a photo!

Thanks for still being around, Kathy.


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  1. pratima Says:

    I’m very sorry, Kathy. I hope your mom is feeling much better and recuperating well. Wish her a speedy recovery. I’m glad these civil war blocks have been a comfort to you. I’m in awe of the combinations you come up with and adore your fabric choices. I probably say this in every comment I post here, but I’m lost for adjectives to describe their beauty… Megumi Sakakibara is one of my favorites… nine-patch is a sweet block to showcase her adorable print.
    Add-a-border sure is a fun challenge… I’ll look forward to the additions. Take care, Kathy. Thank you so much for the sweet words on my quilt. It is great to know that you like it.

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