..rendered wordless

September 19, 2011

I was planning my ‘winter of finishing ‘ campaign and contemplating a response to Anita’s post way back in June

.. and then nothing.

I wasn’t expecting it.


Mainly because I haven’t finished anything for months.

Also the usual question of priorities not least about which quilts I really want to make or even finish .

Yesterday though, I finished this little quilt to send to Japan.

I nominated this as the back but effectively front and back are the same single piece.

I was hoping that it could be alright for an elderly person or a baby.

Effie is sending this lovely quilt. So cute.

Thank you Margaret Smith for doing the lovely binding.

There are so, so many quilts to like.

I am going to try to focus .. on quilts I really would want to live with.


4 Responses to “..rendered wordless”

  1. Pratima Says:

    Hi Kathy, I’m so happy to see you posting on the blog after a long time. Your quilt for Japan is precious! I love your hand quilting and the simplicity of the quilt. It is beautiful and is sure to warm the hearts of anyone who receives it.
    Effie’s quilt is adorable! How cute are those piggies with dotted umbrellas! She makes the most delightful quilts. Thank you for sharing both your quilts.

    • Kathy Says:

      Thanks Pratima. Yes Effie does do THE most delightful quilts. She has just made another with Kokka ‘Sleeping Beauty’. I’ll take a photo tomorrow and post it on her Flickr -‘Speedy Pieces’. It is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Pip Says:

    I love the fabric both front and back, lovely and subtle. Effies quilt is also gorgeous. That is the trouble isn’t it, there are just so many quilts to like, it’s hard to make a choice. Is the top quilt made from some of the double gauze fabric?

  3. Kathy Says:

    Thanks Pip. Somewhere I read, I think it was for another appeal for Japan, if possible to use double gauze for the backs so we chose double gauze for the backs of both quilts. The top of mine is in fine lawn and the batting ‘Hobbs Heirloom’ 60 cotton 40 poly and it is really soft and light. Bear has stayed away but he did claw the main linen applique patch on Effie’s. I’m after him with those nail clippers!

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