Happy not so New Year

January 10, 2012

I always love the ‘fresh start’ feel of a new year and this year it was particularly welcome.

I wish you all the best for 2012.

It is too early for me to reflect on 2011. I just plan to be a bit more active this year and enjoy it.

Again Phil and I packed the old LRover with the Cleo, Bear and the bikes and headed to South Australia and Booleroo to have had the best start to the year.

We brought all the essentials; bike, bathers, a couple of books (I’m not even one-third of the way through Wolf Hall but I love it), DVDs of The West Wing-we’ve been rationing ourselves and keeping them just for summer holidays; and I brought with me less fabric than usual and it has been OK!

One small project I started in the last month is a group Flickr site  “from booleroo”.

The Booleroo Centre Community Development Association and Mt Remarkable Council are promoting the area for tourism and particularly to cyclists and I have set up the site to gradually accumulate some photos of the area in support of this initiative.

The area really is wonderful for cycling. The roads are quiet and the bird life is fantastic (but I need a better photographer to catch those birds). Some photographers from a Port Augusta photography group have very kindly contributed some photos  to the site and I hope to enlist some more local photographers in time.

Last week it was 40-44 degrees celsius and my routineconsisted of a very early bike ride starting before dawn, meeting a small group for a swim at the local pool at 8.30 am then just a very gentle shuffle of  baking, dog walks, letting Bear out for a run because he requires supervision, papers and coffee (complete fail on my half-hearted resolutions from last year), reading, sewplay and sleep.


I’ve nearly finished the blocks for the Civil War quilt.  I will do a very simple sashing without posts but I will start looking for a border fabric and I might make a few more blocks to make the quilt a bit bigger.

I can’t do any more until I’m home so I am starting something new and simple.

Progress report.. very soon.

In the last few days we’ve had plenty of rain which has been great…

it doesn't take us long to feel at home in the country


One Response to “Happy not so New Year”

  1. Pratima Says:

    Your photography project to promote tourism is wonderful, Kathy! It sounds divine to ride through those scenic routes and it is so nice to hear about your quiet days there and your plans for the New Year. Wish you a wonderfully creative year! It is exciting that you are almost at the end of the journey with your civil war quilt blocks. I love each and every one of them. The shades of red and blue you used are beautiful and each print, fun and happy! Cleo seems to be making the most of his countryside trip 😉

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