I live in Melbourne with my family, a labrador  Cleo and 19 year old cat  Priscilla (RIP Pricilla @20 years of age) We now have 8 month old Bear .

I have discovered quilting 3 5 years ago  and have become passionate about it.  I love planning and shopping and searching for fabrics. I enjoy  piecing by hand and by machine and hand quilting. I like books about older traditional quilts and the history of those who made them. I love the beauty, utility and tactility of quilts and the passion, determination and individuality of quilt makers.

The quilts I make can be a bit ‘hit or miss’. I’m drawn often to vintage quilts with ‘odd’ colours, some ‘ugly’ often mismatched fabrics and unusual broken patterns and rhythms.

I also love nature, animals, pets and gardens; cycling and snow skiing. I love France, and have tried on and off for years, to learn a little french.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. LoriD Says:

    Thank you for leaving a lovely reply on my blog. I’m glad my Dear jane quilt was inspiring. It has been quite a long journey and I hope to finish that quilt in 2011.

    • Kathy Says:

      The quilt will be really lovely. I really love the ‘light’ touch of your work design and fabric choices. I’ll keep watching!

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