June 4, 2011

From ‘The Age’ last Saturday.

It was the start of a week of musings.

For most who drop by this blog, sewing and the feel of fabric really helps keep little birds twittering around near our heads.

For me knitting….. doesn’t….at all!

It was with much relief that I was able to give Rob his beanie a few weeks ago.

I believe it is the end of my knitting career and Rob kindly offered to model my’ last gasp’ effort. I do think it looks good in pure merino baby wool  4 ply black and gold 5 ply Bluebell.  Actually I think the model is making it look good.

The beanie is a ribbed  all over into the back of the stitch.

Knitting a scarf was suggested but I demurred!

I am finally up to dated with the Barbara Brackman ‘Civil War block of the week project.

 One of the first books I borrowed from the library when I started quilting about 6 years ago was Barbara’s Book  Quilts of the Civil War . I love this book.

I loved the more utilitarian masculine quilts with stripes and plaids and shirtings and sombre cooler colours shown in the book and the unfussy simple blocks, and  scrappy quilts.  A lot of the little bits and pieces and scraps and fat 16ths I have collected since poring over the book  I now realize I  have chosen directly because its influence.

Now those pieces  just go straight into the blocks and I have scarcely purchased a thing.

I have posted the latest blocks on Flickr. It was obviously a little more sombre week.

I have a deadline to finish the Lions in Flowers II  quilt this week and hand quilting (pictures next week) and so much else, but  I’ve been drawn into the threads of many issues this week and spent happy hours not sewing but reading books and papers and blogs..and thinking.

I asked a friend weeks ago if he  thought that with the smaller size of the world, better communications and travel, a global economy and the unifying effects of a vibrant international patchwork and craft and blogging  community (I actually didn’t include this last bit) people may come to work more closely together.

He replied “No chance. Have you seen the way siblings fight”.


Phil forwarded me this little video  snippet which is spreading about what the speaker calls Empathic Civilization. It  is a little more uplifting.

Science has proven what we all instinctively know. What binds us all together is greater than our differences. But what to do?!!

Also I had the opportunity to see Geraldine Brooks talking about her books  this week.

My limited understanding of The Civil War era comes from reading her book March,  Charles Frazier’s ‘Cold Mountain’ and Barbara’s quilting books.

Ms Brooks discussed very similar themes ( the commonality amongst people across ages and cultures) based on her historical research and years as a foreign correspondent.

It was so comforting and inspirational to find her so  positive and balanced.